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Article Writing For Your Own Or External Websites


Your Own Website

If you are not creating regular blogs on your own website you are missing a substantial opportunity. Where on any standard website do you have the opportunity, format or space to provide constant content updates to your audience?

Where else on your website can you consistently drive your ranking for keywords? Where else do you have the opportunity to consistently provide fresh content?

Not to mention, the links from your blog, pointing to your 'money' pages, are a significant SEO benefit. 

How To Leverage Your Business Blog for SEO <

If you're looking to create content that will have your audience clamouring for the next post, or demonstrate your expertise, update what you've achieved or SEO some new keywords, we can help you write the perfect copy.

On An External Website

Guest blogging, article submission, testimonials, thought leadership pieces and LinkedIn articles are just some of the ways businesses produce content on other websites.

A well written article that dazzles has the potential to go viral. When placed on external websites it can create links, traffic, engagement and even make the news. 

Give your expertise the chance to 'get out there'.

Is your content fit for purpose?&nbsp;

Is your content fit for purpose?